New Euro banknotes will be presented on May 2013

Draghi, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) , announced on 8 November that the old euro banknotes will be replaced, starting with the 5 euro note in May 2013. The other banknotes will be replaced over a longer period of a few years. How the new banknotes look like is not yet known. However it is already announced that the image of Greek mythological princes Europa will feature on the banknote.

Why are new banknotes introduced?
According to European Central Bank the use of more advanced and new technologies provide the opportunity to incorporate many improved security features into the bank notes. The three most important security features are:

  • portrait watermark
  • holograms
  • emerald green number

The new security features should make it counterfeiters even more harder to falsify banknotes.

What does it mean for my Euro money devices?
We will keep you informed of the latest developments of the new euro banknotes and software developments. As you may expect from us, we will do our best to ensure that the current device also recognize the new banknotes. As far as we can see, all the detectors of type CT330 or higher (CT 331, CT 333, CT 334, CT 410, CT 411) and banknote counters (BC 130 Plus, BC 140 Plus, BC 230, BC 240 en BC 241) should be able to recognize the new notes after a software update.